Cascada de las Animas

How to help

Your participation means that you believe in our project and that you want to participate in it.

We need you.

Ways to Help

There are 3 different ways to help us:


In the Cascada Animal Refuge we are able to offer native animals a good life, in a place surrounded by unspoiled nature and love. The adoption of an inhabitant of the shelter consists of a monthly economic contribution. Its Godfather/mother will be allowed to come and visit its adoptee during specific dates. Each animal can have one or more sponsors. The minimum contribution is $ 5,000 pesos, which only covers a small part of the animal’s needs. If you wish to sponsor an animal contact us at


In the Cascada Animal Refuge we offer animals the opportunity to live their life in a beautiful, natural place. This requires an economical support that until now has not been sufficient to accept all animals in need. Animals need food, veterinary attention and adequate facilities for their comfort and safety, and for this we need your help. By making donations you allow the integration of new animals and improve the lives of those present. Making donations will help us offer the life the animals deserve.


Is very important for us, have awareness about the situation of the native animals. Is very helpful if you can share our work.